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Our Story

Our story begins in the early 1930’s, with Elettra, seamstress chosen by Queen Margaret of Savoy, who decided to put to good use her experience and skill, opening a small shop selling sewing patterns, where the customers in addition to buying, also benefitted for her precious secrets and advice for the creation of impeccable garments. The growing approval of the public pushes Elettra to expand the business, involving her three sisters, each of who open their own store.
Glen Couture About Us Elettra in a photo from 1930
In 1942 the family counts 4 stores in the city. From the acronym of the names of the the 4 sisters (Gemma, Leonida, Elettra e Nina) the GLEN brand was born.
Glen Couture About Us Silvana with one of her fist dressmaking patterns
It’s a success in sales and image, which will bring continual growth in the work force. In 1955 they employ a young 15 year old apprentice, Silvana, who through tenacity and skill soon becomes the première.
Glen Couture About Us 1963. Silvana at the work table
Here Silvana finds love in Giulio, eldest son of Elettra, who she marries in 1963, taking over the family business.
Glen Coututre About Us Silvana (center) in 1960 with some of her employees
In 1970, following the fashions, the first dressmaking workshop is opened, where the story of the atelier begins, which Silvana heasd with passion and pride till 1985 , when her daughter Paola enters into the family business, with who she will collaborate till 1996.
Glen Couture About Us 1965. Silvana among some dressmaking patterns created by her
Since then Paola has been the body and soul of this enterprise, that was born from a dream which is fulfilled daily through the dedication of all the working staff. Like always with renewed passion and a common goal: Grace, Line, Elegance e Innovation.
Glen Couture About Us Paola at 22 years old


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